With ever rising electricity costs it is becoming more essential to try and curve usage, not only to save money but also to produce a smaller carbon foot print. A great and effective way to reduce usage and your foot print is to change your lighting to LED (light emitting diode) or CFL (compact florescent lamp).

LED lighting, while having a high initial up front cost, they produce the greatest light output per watt (currently the most efficient lighting), have no warm up time and the longest life span. New generation LED down lights are great for replacing existing halogen down lights. Halogen down lights use 50 watts per light, while the LED alternative with greater light output use only 13 watts.

CFL lighting is a cheaper alternative, while still being more efficient than incandescent and halogen globes. An advantage of CFL is that most of the time it is adaptable to your existing light fittings. Disadvantages include having a warm up time and producing heat.

Hinds electrical can also help with energy control systems for residential and commercial. This can be as simple as a time clock or sensor, up to a smart integrated control system (CBUS, ECS etc). We can work with you as to your needs and even combine multiple systems. Energy consumption meters can also be installed inside your premises, to help you keep an eye on consumption.

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